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Cristi Puiu (Romania/France/Germany/Switzerland 2010)
Romanian filmmaker Cristi Puiu destroys all notions of crime as entertainment in this painstakingly realistic anatomy of a crisis, delivering a chilling character study of an ordinary person driven to extremes. Playing protagonist Viorel himself, Puiu presents an intelligent, literate and penetrating reinvention of the traditional crime drama. Meanwhile, as in his acclaimed The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (2005), black comedy creeps into unlikely places. The result is an unflinching and haunting investigation of what compels a person to commit the ultimate act. —Gustavus Kundahl

Written by Cristi Puiu. Photographed by Viorel Sergovici. With Cristi Puiu, Clara Voda, Valeria Seciu, Luminita Gheorghiu, Catrinel Dumitrescu, Gelu Colceag, Valentin Popescu, Ileana Puiu. (181 min. In Romanian with subtitles, The Cinema Guild). Note: Aurora will be shown on Blu-ray September 20 and 21.
Members $9; seniors/students/disabled $10; general $11. Tickets go on sale Monday, September 12.
September 16–21, 2011
Showtimes: 12:45, 4:20, 8:00; 12:45 only on Sept 21

SF Film Society | New People Cinema 1746 Post Street (Webster/Buchanan)
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