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San Francisco Film Society
San Francisco Film Society
*Bay Area Filmmakers

The Amazing Catfish, Claudia Sainte-Luce, Mexico
The Blue Wave, Zeynep Dadak and Merve Kayan, Turkey/Germany/Netherland/Greece
Difret, Zeresenay Berhane Mehari, Ethiopia
The Dune, Yossi Aviram, France/Israel
History of Fear, Benjamín Naishtat, Argentina/France/Germany/Uruguay/Qatar
Manos Sucias, Josef Wladyka, USA/Colombia
Of Horses and Men, Benedikt Erlingsson, Iceland/Germany
Salvation Army, Abdellah Taïa, Morocco
South Is Nothing, Fabio Mollo, Italy/France
Trap Street, Vivian Qu, China
White Shadow, Noaz Deshe, Italy/Germany/Tanzania

Coast of Death, Lois Patiño, Spain
* The Last Season, Sara Dosa, USA
* The Overnighters, Jesse Moss, USA
Return to Homs, Talal Derki, Syria/Germany
Soul Food Stories, Tonislav Hristov, Bulgaria/Finland
Stop the Pounding Heart, Roberto Minervini, USA/Italy/Belgium
Three Letters from China, Luc Schaedler, Switzerland
We Come as Friends, Hubert Sauper, France/Austria

* Barn Dance, John Haptas, Kris Samuelson and Amy Seiwert, USA
* The High Five, Michael Jacobs, USA
Re: Awakenings, Bill Morrison, USA
* Santa Cruz del Islote, Luke Lorentzen, USA/Colombia
Zima, Christina Picchi, Russia

* Angels, Jim Granato, USA
The Birds’ Blessing, Serge Mirzbekiants, Belgium
Deserted, Yoav Hornung, Israel   
Little Block of Cement with Disheveled Hair Containing the Sea, Jorge López Navarrete, Spain
Mystery, Chema García Ibarra, Spain
* No One But Lydia, Rob Richert, USA
So You’ve Grown Attached, Kate Tsang, USA

A Very Large Increase in the Size, Amount, or Importance of Something Over a Very Short Period of Time, Max Hattler, Russia/UK/Germany
* Cosmic Flower Unfolding, Benjamin Ridgway, USA
Drunker Than a Skunk, Bill Plympton, USA
Gloria Victoria, Theodore Ushev, Canada
Little Vulvah and Her Clitoral Awareness, Sara Koppel, Denmark
The Master’s Voice: Caveirao, Guilherme Marcondes, France/USA/Brazil
The Missing Scarf, Eoin Duffy, Ireland
The Rancher, Kelly Sears, USA
Stop the Show (aka WAR), Max Hattler, UK
Subconscious Password, Chris Landreth, Canada

All Vows, Bill Morrison, USA
* The Claustrum, Jay Rosenblatt, USA
* Entropic Apogee, Bill Manolios, USA
* Fat Chance, Jeanne C. Finley, USA
Numbers & Friends, Alexander Carson, Canada
* Spacetime, Ryan Wicks, USA
Walking Grainy, François Vogel, France

* The Dam Keeper, Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi, USA
I Want My Hat Back, Galen Fott, USA
My Mom Is an Airplane, Yulia Aronova, Russia/USA
The Numberlys, William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg, USA
Sprout, Yoon Ga-eun, South Korea

* Cookie Wars, Natasha Lasky, USA
* Epitaph, Charles Blecker, USA
Lunch with Yoshi, Chaitanya Gopinath, Thailand
* Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, Lily Yu, Judy Lee, Jeremiah Mellor, USA
* Sin Madre, Buffy Almendares, USA

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57th San Francisco International Film Festival
The 57th San Francisco International Film Festival runs April 24–May 8 at the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas, Castro Theatre and New People Cinema in San Francisco and the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley. Held each spring for 15 days, the International is an extraordinary showcase of cinematic discovery and innovation in one of the country’s most beautiful cities, featuring 200 films and live events, 14 juried awards and nearly $40,000 in cash prizes, upwards of 100 participating filmmaker guests and diverse and engaged audiences with more than 65,000 in attendance.

San Francisco Film Society
Building on a legacy of more than 50 years of bringing the best in world cinema to the Bay Area, the San Francisco Film Society is a national leader in exhibition, education and filmmaker services. SFFS is headed by Executive Director Noah Cowan, with programmatic leadership by Director of Programming Rachel Rosen, Director of Education Joanne Parsont and Director of Filmmaker360 Michele Turnure-Salleo.
The Film Society presents more than 100 days of exhibition each year, reaching a total audience of more than 100,000 people. Its acclaimed education program introduces international, independent and documentary cinema and media literacy to more than 10,000 teachers and students. Through Filmmaker360, the Film Society’s filmmaker services program, essential creative and business services, and funding totaling millions of dollars are provided to deserving filmmakers at all stages of their careers.
The Film Society seeks to elevate all aspects of film culture, offering a wide range of activities that engage emotions, inspire action, change perceptions and advance knowledge. A 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, it is largely donor and member supported. Membership provides access to discounts, grants and residencies, private events and a wealth of other benefits.
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