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Ace in the Hole
Yasmin Mawaz-Khan
Ace in the Hole is a film about a San Francisco junkyard and its owner, Bill Kennedy. For the past 25 years, Ace served as an indispensable resource for local industrial and kinetic artists. It has recently been forcibly shut down by Judy Broadhead, the landlady, and nobody knows exactly why. Through Ace and Billy, this film questions disappearing arts spaces in San Francisco and the United States and what that means for our cultural communities.
Heather Gwaltney
Each day women receive messages from the media that they are not young enough; not sexy enough; not good enough.  In the documentary Ageless, explore what it looks and feels like to be an aging woman in America.  See revealing personal and expert interviews integrated with thought-provoking images, and inspiring commentary and music.  Pictures of anti-aging advertisements and women in the media will be shown to humorously yet accurately depict the country’s absurd obsession with youth and beauty. Gain greater insight into these issues through the mosaic of stories, including those from people in the plastic surgery industry, and a view of a growing movement to support women as they age.
Alexander & Timothy
Debra Wilson
Focusing on the effects of mental illness in the African-American community, Alexander & Timothy chronicles the lives of Alexander, his wife Timothy, and others living in a culture and country where people with a mental disorder are ignored, and often times feared. Alexander was once asked how it feels to live with his disorder, he said, “My brain hurts and sometimes feels like it will fall apart and the devil is attacking me.” Through Alexander and Timothy’s love story, the broader issues of mental health disparities and stigma are explored, and how because of this, a community is left vulnerable to incarceration, homelessness and suicide.
An American Mosque
David Washburn

An American Mosque is a groundbreaking documentary of the first mosque destroyed by arson in United States history and the Americans affected by this horrible hate-crime.  In a broader sense, it is about creating a more inclusive America, giving value to all houses of worship, and combating negative stereotypes of Muslims that have emerged since September 11, 2001. As mosques are increasingly protested, attacked, and vandalized, we need to speak-up: This has to stop! Respect our fellow Americans.

American Other
Charlotte Jayëlle Wheeler
An exploration for and about the people of the United States: who we are as a nation and what we think of one another. The goal is to get all Americans to think about their own identity, about how they define who is and who is not an American, and, mostly, to discover if we are as disparate, estranged and polarized a people as it sometimes seems that we are.
André - The Voice of Wine
Mark Tchelistcheff
André - The Voice of Wine is a feature-length documentary that takes us on a dramatic, illuminating, poetic, and wondrous cinematic journey from Russia through Europe to America as we embrace the story of this man, André Tchelistcheff, who devoted his life to the ancient craft of winemaking. It is a true tale of an immigrant and a great American.
Angel of Mercy
George Paul Csicsery
Margaret Slachta defied Nazis and Communists in her fight for social justice. A teacher and activist, she was the first woman elected to Hungary’s parliament in the 1920s. Her vision of social intervention on behalf of the poor, combined with a strong feminist streak and devout Catholic faith, led to heroic acts of courage during the Hungarian Holocaust of 1944–45, when Slachta and the Grey Sisters (the order she founded) saved over 1,000 Jewish lives.
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