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San Francisco Film Society
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How long is the residency?
We are currently offering residencies of 6 months with the potential to extend to 12 months.

When does the application process open?
The application process opens on October 1, 2013. Early registration ends on October 31. Late registration ends on November 7. Announcements will be made by December 1, 2013 for residencies starting in February 2014.

Do I need to be an SFFS member to apply for a FilmHouse Residency?
No, but the application fee is waived for members at the Filmmaker Pro level and above.

What is the application fee?
The application fee is $25. The application fee for late registration is $45. Members at the Filmmaker Pro level and above do not need to pay an application fee.

What does a residency cost me?
The only cost associated with a FilmHouse residency is a refundable $300 deposit. The residency does not include any travel or living expenses. This is not a live-work residency. Utilities, including Internet, are included in the residency. The residency does not include a cash prize.

How many residencies are offered?
We offer 7 dedicated office spaces to FilmHouse residents. Each office holds 2-3 people.  Applicants may not apply for more than one office space.

Are the offices furnished?
Yes, the offices are furnished with desks and chairs. No hardware or software is included.

Who is eligible?
You must be over 18, actively engaged in a film, video, television or other moving image project in any genre and in any stage of production. The project must be non-commercial and represent a contribution to the moving image art form. The project budget must be less than $3,000,000, including all phases of production. No SFFS employees or members of any SFFS boards are eligible for residencies.

Is a FilmHouse Residency open to student filmmakers?
While we do encourage young and emerging filmmakers to apply, our residency program is not open to student filmmakers. Please visit our Education section to learn more about how SFFS supports students.

Do I have to be fiscally sponsored by SFFS in order to apply for a FilmHouse Residency?
You do not need to be fiscally sponsored by SFFS in order to apply for any SFFS grants or residencies.

Am I eligible to apply for a FilmHouse Residency if I live outside the Bay Area?
A FilmHouse Residency is open to all eligible applicants, regardless of where they live in the US, but they must demonstrate a strong connection to San Francisco, and understand that this residency does not cover any travel or living expenses. International applicants will also be considered.

If I'm applying for a screenwriting residency, do I need to submit a budget?
No, you do not need to submit a budget if you are applying for a residency with a project in the screenwriting phase.

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