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San Francisco Film Society
San Francisco Film Society

Offered throughout the school year, our school screenings provide timely, insightful and engaging media content designed to support the curriculum of a range of grade levels and subject areas. The Screenings for Schools program includes a selection of carefully curated films and presentations at theaters, schools and other venues in San Francisco and around the Bay Area.

All of our programs are designed to be interactive experiences, with opportunities for students to engage with filmmakers, industry professionals and subject area specialists. Students are expected to come prepared to ask questions of special guests and to participate in post-screening discussions and Q&As. Study guides will be provided to all participating teachers, offering useful questions, activities and resources for integrating each program’s content into the classroom.

Advance notification of upcoming events will be emailed to all educators on our mailing list. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, contact Keith Zwölfer, Youth Education program manager, at kzwolfer@sffs.org. Updated schedules will also be posted here, so check back regularly.

In addition to the extensive schedule of film screenings offered to Bay Area students and teachers, SFFS Youth Education also brings filmmakers directly into the schools to meet and discuss their films with students in a smaller classroom setting. These interactive visits allow students to engage with filmmakers from around the world and give the artists the opportunity to show their films to new audiences and gain valuable feedback from a youth perspective.

If you are interested in having a filmmaker visit your classroom, contact Keith Zwolfer at kzwolfer@sffs.org or 415-561-5040.
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