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San Francisco Film Society
San Francisco Film Society
The Waiting Room (SFIFF 2012)
The San Francisco Film Society has long been committed to more than just the passive viewing of films on the big screen. Through our three core areas of exhibition, education and filmmaker services, the Film Society regularly curates film programs and cultivates film projects that affect real change. Now more than ever, filmmakers are producing powerful films that aim to raise awareness, influence opinion, change behavior, encourage action, build communities and even instigate social movements. By bringing these works to Bay Area audiences and students each year, the Film Society serves as an important catalyst, providing opportunities for audiences to engage with these films, their filmmakers and the causes they bring to light.

In addition to connecting audiences with these causes, we are also now looking at ways we can measure the impact these films are having in the world. We initiated the first phase of that effort at SFIFF54 this spring with a selection of ten cause-driven films and a post-screening audience survey.

Read more about the SFIFF55 Causes & Impacts initiative.

We welcome your suggestions and feedbacks as we continue to evaluate and develop this program in 2012.

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