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San Francisco Film Society
San Francisco Film Society
Noah Cowan
Executive Director
Telephone: 415-561-5002
Email: ed@sffs.org
Rod Armstrong
Telephone: 415-561-5015
Email: rarmstrong@sffs.org
Lizzy Brooks
Youth Curriculum Manager
Telephone: 415-561-6001
Email: lbrooks@sffs.org
Audrey Chang
Associate Programmer/Golden Gate Awards Manager
Telephone: 415-561-5014
Email: achang@sffs.org
Gyllian Christiansen
Director of Operations
Telephone: 415-561-5022
Email: gchristiansen@sffs.org
Keith Cowling
Director of Finance
Telephone: 415-561-5035
Email: kcowling@sffs.org
Ryan del Gado
IT Director
Telephone: 415-561-5027
Email: rdelgado@sffs.org
Jaime Galli
Sr. Marketing and Communications Manager
Telephone: 415-561-5013
Email: jgalli@sffs.org
Danielle Henry
Data Manager
Telephone: 415-561-5023
Email: dhenry@sffs.org
Athena Kalkopoulou
Documentary Program Coordinator
Telephone: 415-561-5045
Email: athena@sffs.org
Alicia Kester
Corporate Development and Events Manager
Telephone: 415-561-5017
Email: akester@sffs.org
Angela Mathews
Membership Manager
Telephone: 415-561-5026
Email: amathews@sffs.org
Tamara Melnik
Narrative Program Coordinator
Telephone: 415-561-5019
Email: tamara@sffs.org
Joanne Parsont
Director of Education
Telephone: 415-561-5042
Email: jparsont@sffs.org
Karolina Peysakhov
Executive Assistant
Telephone: 415-561-5002
Email: kpeysakhov@sffs.org
Bill Proctor
Publicity Manager
Telephone: 415-561-5024
Email: bproctor@sffs.org
Paola Rojas
Design Coordinator
Telephone: 415-561-5008
Email: projas@sffs.org
Rachel Rosen
Director of Programming
Telephone: 415-561-5010
Email: rrosen@sffs.org
Jennifer Schmidt
Foundations and Grants Manager
Telephone: 415-561-5025
Email: jschmidt@sffs.org
Julie Stallone
Operations Coordinator
Telephone: (415) 561-5000
Email: jstallone@sffs.org
Jeremy Stevermer
Technical Director
Telephone: 415-561-5046
Email: jstevermer@sffs.org
Sarah Taft
Director of Development
Telephone: 415-561-5003
Email: staft@sffs.org
Joslyn Thoresen
Marketing Associate
Telephone: 415-561-5020
Email: jthoresen@sffs.org
Amanda Todd
Telephone: 415-561-5029
Email: atodd@sffs.org
Michele Turnure-Salleo
Director, Filmmaker360
Telephone: 415-561-5012
Email: michele@sffs.org
Sean Uyehara
Telephone: 415-561-5011
Email: suyehara@sffs.org
Trinity West
FilmHouse Coordinator
Telephone: 415-561-5043
Email: twest@sffs.org
Keith Zwölfer
Youth Education Manager
Telephone: 415-561-5040
Email: kzwolfer@sffs.org
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